About us

The magazine is aimed at Small to Medium businesses and targets business owners, managers and employees; effectively anyone who works in the business world.

It was developed because there was a distinct lack of this type of publication in Brisbane. Other available business magazines cover topics and articles which are of specific interest to specific industry sectors. We hope that you see this as a generalist magazine with something for everyone. So, the aim of the magazine is to appeal to readers who don’t want a heavy reading schedule, rather something light, easy to read, yet with substance and appealing presentation.

All Articles, Columns and Advertising are aimed at the business demographic; so if it has any relevance in the business world it will be relevant in the magazine.

The core of the readership is the Brisbane CBD and surrounding suburbs, up to about seven kilometres from there. This is also the delivery area.
We are very open to suggestions, praise and criticisms; we believe that the magazine will evolve with your input. As you are the readers, we want to supply what you want to read. Please feel free to email at any time and ask for a specific article, if you have the need or wish for this.

BUSINESSbne is not owned by a large consortium; it has two owners, Susan being the face of the business.


I started my working life as a primary school teacher in Melbourne and realised that, although I enjoyed what I was doing, I was in the wrong job. I am a people person and felt that my wings were clipped, being with 30 small children every day. An opportunity came along to own a seasonal business on the beach, so I grabbed it and stayed with it for 7 wonderful summers. All good things must run their path, which this did and so from there I went into sales for a radio station. That was my introduction to advertising, where I have been ever since. I realised I had found my niche dealing with business people who had a problem I was able to help to fix. My introduction to publishing, again in advertising, was through a high-profile lifestyle magazine.