It is the voters not accepting another tax that’s causing Julia some problems. The Carbon Tax is actually the beginning of a three year run up to an Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) which will fully emerge in 2015, not so much as a stand alone tax ending then, as an ETS starting up from scratch. There are unanswered questions about the tax- the more immediate worries are: Flexible tax rate. The initial tax rates will be capped at $23 per tonne of CO², rise to $24.15 then to $25.40 by 2015. The quantity of permits issued y the government will more

  Last month I told you about the new Economic Steering Committee I have created to engage with businesses to promote economic development and create jobs and prosperity across the city. The committee has gotten off to a flying start under Chairman Ian Klug, also Chairman of Brisbane Marketing, who has gathered a diverse mix of 12 leaders from Brisbane’s key industry sectors. I have now personally invited these committee members to get on board and ensure that a good cross section of our business community is represented and have a voice as we continue to grow Brisbane’s $114 billion more

In any successful business there are a series of smaller elements that come together in order to create a good model. These are really very basic pointers that most people understand and cover off before they open their doors. A few of these elements include: – A business name – A company logo that people can easily identify – A message that tells your customers what your business is about (USP) – Easy ways for your customers to get in touch with you (email, phone etc) – Reasons and benefits on why people should deal with you – A way more

  Have you ever wanted to buy a diamond and claim it as an investment? Well now there is a way. The ATO will actually let you buy a diamond for an investment, provided you purchase it in a self managed super fund (SMSF) and meet their criteria. The best kind of diamond to buy as an investment is the Argyle pink diamonds from Western Australia. To understand why Argyle pink diamonds make such a great investment, consider that of the 80,000,000 carats of rough diamond minded in the world each year, only about .001% is considered fancy pink coloured. more

  What is a Disaster? – A disaster in business terms is when a major incident or disruption occurs having some form of impact to your business, severely hampering effective communication and the ability to perform critical business operations. Examples are natural disasters such as the floods and cyclones Queensland experienced last summer or something like a power outage whereby you can’t operate your PC to send/receive those critical emails, or if there’s a flu epidemic and everyone needs to work from home. How do you cope if and when one of these disasters occurs? Plan for the Unplanned The more

Have you ever had to give feedback to staff, peers or even supervisors? It may have been as simple as answering “How was that presentation?” to as complex as a performance review. How you give that feedback can have a tremendous impact on how your staff will respond to future project requests; it could impact on the effectiveness of your organisation,your team or your business. Here are some tips to ensure that your feedback is positive and effective: Start with a Positive – everyone does something effectively. By recognising that general fact and commenting on it at the start, we more

Before any plane takes off, whether it’s a two seater Piper Cub or a 400 passenger Jumbo Jet, the pilot goes through a pre-flight check list to make sure everything is working and in place for a safe flight. Because the consequences of forgetting even one thing, like a full tank of fuel are so catastrophic, the pilot has a written list which is ticked off item by item. A “check list”! As a management tool check lists seem to have been forgotten in the complications of psychology, participatory management, staff motivation and the array of electronic devices that make more

Look happy and smile If you are nervous about approaching strangers at networking events, make it easier for others to approach you. It’s so much easier to approach someone you don’t know if theyare smiling and look happy to be there. Happy smiling peopleactually attract others to them. Wear a name badge Not only does it make you look more professional, but it helps others to remember your name. If you have a name tag made with your branding, it also assists yourmarketing and advertising and makes your brand more memorable. Always offer a business card I’ve had people tell more

Judging from the e-mails I receive, e-mail marketing is not handled well by most businesses. So I have assembled some tips and suggestions which will help you to get started or refine what you are doing now. When to use e-mail as a communication / promotional tool? A short list of ten: Create another ten yourself! 1. To keep your relationship with current customers strong 2. To gain referrals 3. To update customers on your business, product, industry or pricing changes 4. Prompts and reminders – time for your next service 5. To attract prospects to your website with a more

Salespeople appear to be one of two types …there are those who always chase new customers (hunters), but hate going back to those they have sold to in the past. Then there are salespeople who are really good at maintaining relationships with current customers (farmers), but hate prospecting for new ones. If you are the business owner and doing your own sales, you are probably in the second group and need to force yourself to get out and prospect for new customers. You know you have to do it because of the natural attrition of old customers as their businesses more