Issue 6 Testimonial


I have been advertising in BUSINESSbne since the first edition, in the Live and Local section.

The exposure, recognition and new clients I have gained are well-attributable to this advertising. A small business like mine needs to take care regarding the advertising investments and this has proven to be very worthwhile.

Thank you Susan! We will be back!!!

Julie Hall

Jach and Associates


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Issue 6 Testimoniall


Hi Susan,

As you know I have now produced eight articles for your magazine over the last 12 months and had an interview of “5 minutes with Tony de Kort”.

I just wanted to let you know, I doubt my business would have received the quality of exposure without your publication.

At times we have been flat strap answering the amount of queries that are generated via email as a result of the printed articles. From this we have gained quite an amount of new business.

I know this is the ultimate objective, however, as you know I was initially unsure if this was the way to go, but the last twelve months have confirmed you were right. So thank you and your support people who I find very helpful when required.

Kind regards
Tony de Kort
Estate Planning Solutions


Issue 5 Testimonial


Opportune Business Network has been advertising in BusinessBNE magazine since the first edition and we will continue to do so because each edition generates interest and enquiries for our organisation.

Susan is a delight to work with and the magazine is always full of interesting and informatve articles.

Deb Ribinskas,
Opportune Business Network

Issue 4 Testimonial


I was contacted by a publicly listed company to meet regarding debt recovery matters. This was a success and lead to the signing of their company. I had not approached his company before, they were not on our prospect radar – I asked how they had heard of us and the Group GM showed me a copy of our advert in BUSINESSbne magazine.

He said that he had liked our message, loved that we were local to his office and having now met me he felt confident in his decision tochoose Optimum Recoveries to work through these sensitive matters.

Thank you Susan and BUSINESSbne magazine for helping to open new and exciting opportunities for our business.

Angela McDonald, Director,
Optimum Recoveries Pty Ltd

Issue 3 Testimonial


We have been featuring in BusinessBNE since it’s conception and have been very happy with the results.

The distribution range has introduced our business to some exciting opportunities we would never have been exposed to. The business articles are also very informative and current, this means the contacts we receive from the magazine are all A grade, and as an added bonus they are all really lovely people.

Thanks again Susan and BusinessBNE.

Duncan Lennox, Director,
Minuteman Press Brisbane


Issue 2 Testimonial

We have enjoyed the “fame” that the adverts in your magazine have brought us; Our adverts have been noticed and commented on by our Customers and by quite a wide range of businesses.

They have attracted some new opportunities for us and increased the Publics’ awareness of our Company and what our Industry does for other Businesses. We look forward to advertising again in the future.

Grant Berry
Brisnorth Communications